VIDEOS:     ooh err untitled2011(2)
to the left to the left you say tomato: i also say tomato.   nuts untitled2011(3)
Ham Apple   selfportrait1 untitled2011(4)
PVA Snow film 1   cockmonster untitled2011(5)
Leek Mask   portrait selfportrait when thinner
Tea Lake district 1   rampant bonjour
The Heath and the people on it (aka Snow Film 2) Lake district 2   elumbated 1
untitled 2011 Letter   cats tophat
untitled 2011 (2) Sailor Jig   selfportrait2 sparsely decorated turd
towel flap Woods   drain symbologically solid
      untitled2011 Oooh, that's lurrvely.
SCULPTURE//INSTALLATION:     crithomancy the real mr. potato head
Degree Show Sculpture Room     FUDGE black
Degree Show Video Room     The Lucky Rabbit of 2011 organic yoghurt
Trinity Buoy Wharf     pattern monkeybusiness
      pattern2 flowers
      pattern3 confused
SKETCH BOOK SCANS:     the pride and joy Untitled_Feb_2013
A4_Sketch_1 sketches_2   Love came but we were already dead our forefathers watch
A n u s sketches_3   27_02_13 ritual (07/03/13)
Arsehole Some words and a doodle   Drawing_13_03_13 Apartment Art
Bless You     Miserybow Dodd
BumHole     Deer  
Chicken     WRITING:(From Sketchbook and other places)
Dear Sweet England     Writing number 1  
Horsemeat Scandal        
I didn't Look     AUDIO WORK:  
Idea_for_a_sculpture     So this is all derived from guitar don't you know  
Drawing 1 Little Grey Painting      
Little Paintings Lined Up Red Cross Little Painting